Beginning with Bees 2017

Have you ever really thought about where honey comes from?

Have you ever wondered, "Could I become a beekeeper?"

A forthcoming free event run by the Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers is designed to help the "bee-curious" answer these questions.

For 2017, the INIB's "Beginning with Bees" once again enjoys the hospitality of the Navan Centre, (81 Killylea Road, Armagh. BT60 4LD). Running from 09:30 to 16:00 on Saturday 18th November, this event is aimed at the steadily growing number of people who are interested in beekeeping and the role these industrious and captivating creatures play in our environment. Honeybees and other pollinating insects are vital to a very large part of food production across the globe and to County Armagh's apple production in particular. In a year that sees Armagh celebrate its heritage of apple growing, why not learn a little more about the link between honeybees and apple production?

This introductory event presents you and your friends with a wonderful opportunity to learn how you can begin to help, support and work with honeybees. The City of Armagh is recognised as a seat of ancient learning and so it is appropriate that we bring this educational event to the Navan Centre for the fourth year running. Interestingly, organised beekeeping in Ireland has its origins in a meeting held in Armagh in the late 19th Century.

Come along and hear of some of the pleasures of beekeeping. Knowledgeable beekeepers will talk about the life of the honeybee, the different jobs bees carry out during their lives, swarming and wintering a colony of bees. Time will be devoted to the queen honeybee, mother of all in the hive. Her qualities determine the success of the colony and thus the success of all beekeeping activities. Information will be provided about basic beekeeping equipment and associated costs. Advice will even be provided on how aspiring beekeepers can best obtain healthy, placid and industrious bees. One of the best ways to start beekeeping is with the support of your local beekeeping association. The INIB will be providing everyone who attends with contact details for local beekeeping associations so that all interested parties can take further meaningful and informed steps to becoming a beekeeper.

The INIB Bee-Day 2017 - "Beginning with Bees", presents the public with an opportunity to talk with and question experienced beekeepers. Please accept our invitation to come along and find out if you could become a beekeeper.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day in the Navan Centre Cafe. A complementary finger-buffet lunch will be provided for everyone who pre-registers for the event.

For further information and to register for the Bee-Day, please contact:
Tom Canning, INIB Education Officer: T. 028 38871260 M. 07867878474
Lyndon Wortley, INIB Membership Secretary:
Caroline Thomson, INIB Secretary:
Navan Centre website:

Download the Bee Day Flyer IN .DOCX FORMAT HERE


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